About Dr Krishnendu


Dr. Krishnendu Chakraborty.(Gold Medalist)
Jyotish Bharati, Jyotish Shastri, Jyotish Acharya, Jyotish Vidya-Bachaspati,
Jyotish Vidya-Baridhi, Tantra Shastri, Tantra Samrat, Raj Jyotish, Vishwa
Jyotish Vidyarnabh, Jyotish Mahasagar, M.A.R.P.(Kol),
Winner of ‘Jyotish Digvijayi’ Award and James Ivan(London) Award.
Registration No. – ARP/PA/534/98

Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty is an experienced astrologer having proficiency in traditional astrology and palmistry. He has learnt(M.A.-M.Phil.-Ph.D.) astrology from International University of Astrological Science. He got doctorate on medical astrology. He is practicing astrology from 1995. He has made many successful predictions on individual nativities.He employs a composite method of prediction taking Vedic astrology. He also prescribes remedial measures in the form of Gemstones,puja, yogya, Mantras and Yantras after deep and thorough analysis of horoscopes to help ward off sufferings of his clients so that they can usher in a dawn of new hope of peace and prosperity. He has rendered valuable service to hundreds of people so far and has a world wide clientele.

For his precise and accurate predictions, he gives all credit to Rotonti Kalika Mata and his father and mother who are not in the earth now. He is the grandson of famous tantrik Late Haradhan Chakraborty of Palashdanga village, under Nakashipara post office in the district of Nadia(W.B.).

As I have taken astrology as mission towards mankind,I try to reach through astro counselling to the root of the problem and recommend measures according to the Holy scriptures. To uphold the quality I undertake only limited number of counselling.

After completting graduation in commerce I started the study of Astrology in 1992. My first teacher in astrology was my uncle. As my grand father was a Tantrik, spirituality is in my blood.  My grandfather got the order to worship Maa Rotonti from Maa. He was a famous tantrik. He often talked with Maa in dream, it is said that Maa told him that he would get the “Darshan” of Maa in his next birth. After the death of my grand father the puja was performed by my father by the order of Maa. And now I perform the puja and it is my great pleasure. Every year in the bengali month of Magh and in the tithi of Krishna Chaturdashi the puja of Maa Rotonti is held. From 1950 A.D. This puja is held at our village of Palashdanga, in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, India.View photographs here

So I started to learn Astrology. I have completed the following courses with the blessing of Rotonti Kalika Maata and my parents. 

  • Jyotish Bharati (Diploma of Astrology) in 1996 from Astrological Research Project

  • Jyotish Shastri (Degree of Astrology) in 1998 from Astrological Research Project

  • M.A. (Jyotish Acharya) in 1999 from Astrological Research Project

  • M.Phil. (Jyotish Vidya-Bachaspati) in 2002 from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith

  • Ph.D. (Jyotish Vidya-Baridhi) in 2004 from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith

  • Tantra Bharati (Diploma in Tantra Shastra) in 2001 from Bangiya Tantrik Samaj

  • Tantra Shastri (Degree Course of Tantra Shastra) in 2002 from Bangiya Tantrik Samaj

  • Tantra Samrat (P.G. Course Of Tantra Shastra) in 2003 from Bangiya Tantrik Samaj

Deal with any problem regarding Health, Education, Higher Education, Service, Profession, Business, Mental Depression, Love, Marriage, Sexual problem, Hidden enemy, Children, Problems due to law, Land & Property, Foreign travel and everything what a man need for livelihood. The problems will be solved as early as possible by wearing gems or by puja and yogya. Any problem regarding vastu, manglik dosha, kalsarpa dosha etc will be solved by puja and yogya.

Those, who want prediction online, please contact through the following sites. The prediction will be sent through email after getting the fees. People outside India can select services and make payment through PayPal through the following site. 

Log on to my site for the services> http://www.astrokrish.wix.com/krishnendu

People of India can also book services through http://www.astrologerkrishnendu.webs.com
E-mail: kchakraborty1973@gmail.com

Cell: +919432266936 / +918334074671



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