Ucchista Ganesh Sadhana


In Tantra shastras, ucchista ganapati mantra is told as “the essence of all mantras.” To
worship this god, there is no auspicious timings or lunar day. He can be worshipped on
any day, at any time. There are no restrictions to worship. According to some tantras,
it is given that his “mantra japa” should be done while eating fruits or laddu (a round
shaped sweet). To get siddhi or fruit, one should recite his mantra for 16,000 times.
Below is the Ucchista Ganesh mantra:

Viniyoga or sankalpa:
Asya shree uchista ganesh mantrasya Sughora rishihi nibhida gayathree Chandhaha
Ucchista Ganapathirdhevata mama sarvabheesta sidhyarthe jape viniyogaha
Om Sudhira rishaye namaha – shirasi
Om nibida gayathree chandhase namaha – mukhe
Om ucchista ganapathaye namaha – hrudhaye
viniyogaya namaha – sarvange

Om angusthabhyam namaha; Om tharjaneebhyam swaha; Om madhyamabhyam vashat; Om anamikabhyam hoom; Om kanishthabhyam vaushat; Om karatal-pristhyabham phat.

Om hridhayaya namaha; Om shirase swaha Om shikhayai vashat; Om kavachaya hum; Om netratrayaya vaushat; Om karatal-pristhyabham phat.

“Raktamoorthim ganeshancha sarvabharana bhooshitham
Raktavasthram threenethram cha rakthapadmasane sthitham
Chaturbhujam mahakayam dwidantam sasmitananam
Istancha dakshine haste dantan cha tadadhakare
Pashankushou cha hasthabhyam jatamandala vestitam
Lalate chandrarekhadyam sarvalankara bhooshitam ”

1. Om hasthi pishachini khe swaha
2. Om gam hasthi pishachi Likhe swaha
(one of these mantras should be used for recitation)
after japa again dhyana, karanyasa, and hrudhayadhinyasa should be done


39 thoughts on “Ucchista Ganesh Sadhana

  1. Guys….. If you are going to chant this mantra, then you are going to end up in a mess.. Hell lot of mistakes. Besides this is not the original mantra for the said deity..


    • Will you please tell me the right mantra, what mistake is there? Have you heard about ‘BRIHAT TANTRASAR” — BY RASHIK MOHON CHATTYAPADHAYA? It is the best book of TANTRA SHASTRA in Bengal.All of these mantras are given in that book page no. 453. Beside this there are many other authentic books on it. In every book these mantras are given. So there is not a single mistake. First know the subject deeply and then comment like this.


  2. Kindly Send me prayoga details to my email id (g.nithi@ymail.com)
    I can’t understand in English so, I need details in Tamil. Or send me Tamil detail website URL link
    Thanking, Gunanithi.K


  3. Dear Krishnendu,
    I am into these from couple of decades and chanted this Mantra with ucchist Mukh (Jhutha mukh) and i got many benefits but now it is not working? i don’t know what happen or happening? could you give me your contact details to talk with you. Thanks. You can mail me kamleshkumartrivedi@gmail.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can talk with me. My contacts is in this site. But I am not the specialist on this platform. I have some knowledge about tantra shastra which I share through this site. This sadhana must be done under qualified Guru. You should consult with such person.


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