Shree Rama Mantra

Shri Ram Bigraho Yantra    sri ram

Who doesn’t know Ramayana. It is told, as long as earth will be there, people will readRamayana (story of Shree Ram). Shree Rama is one of the most commonly worshipped gods of Hindus and is known asan ideal man (purushotthama = utthama – ideal; purusha – man ) and hero of the epicRamayana. Shree rama is a historical king of ancient India. In Hinduism, he is considered as an seventh incarnation of Mahavishnu, avatar. Name of Rama itself is considered as powerful which destroys all sorts of sorrows.

Ra– Agnibeeja – seed letter related to fire.

Aa– Vayubeeja – seed letter related to wind.

Ma– Akashabeeja – seed letter related to space.It is told in tantras that results that can be obtained from Rama mantra recitation are more powerful than ganesh, shiva, shakti, soorya, or vishnu mantras.

Tharjanam yama dhootanam Ramarameti gharjanam

Recitation of rama mantra keeps away yama dhootas (attendants of God of Death).

Mantras of Shree Ram

Om Namo bhagavate raghunandanaya rakshoghna vishadhaya madhura prasanna

vadhanaya amithathejase balaya ramaya vishnave namaha Om

Note: This mantra should be recited everyday as much as possible, one lakh of japa should be done for siddhi.

Om Kleem Om namo bhagavate Ramachandraya sakala jana vashyakaraya swaha Om

Note: Anybody can do the recitation of this mantra, this removes all sorts of sorrows and fullfills one’s all wishes and gives an attractive personality to the person who does recitation of this mantra.